UNC Charlotte's faculty combine cutting-edge research expertise and cross-industry experience to provide real-world best practices that you can use immediately to accelerate your career and bring new insights to your business. UNC Charlotte Executive Education programs specialize in the following areas of expertise:

  • Data Science and Business Analytics
    UNC Charlotte is strategically positioned to provide executive programs designed to combine the power of analytics with strategic decision making to drive organizational performance. These programs bring faculty leaders from across the University and key business practitioners together to challenge executives and industry professionals to expand their abilities to make data-driven decisions in an increasingly complex and disruptive business environment. More information available here.
  • Leadership and Communications
    Our leadership programs prepare leaders at all levels to expand their own leadership skills and personal influence to build innovative, effective and collaborative networks within their organizations. We draw on experts from a wide range of fields, including business, ethics, organizational science, psychology, sociology and others, as guides for a hands-on, interactive learning experience. Executives who excel in leading change positively position their organizations for success. More information available here.
  • Strategy and Innovation
    Finding a path through an uncertain, rapidly evolving and complex business landscape requires skills in formulating, disseminating and executing corporate strategy that creates competitive advantage, drives profits and builds transformative organizations.  Our programs balance deep academic knowledge with hands-on practice to elevate your strategic and innovative thinking skills to the next level.  Innovation-driven organizations from Fortune 100 to startup drive growth by leveraging leaders who have the ability to translate ideas into action, creating strategic opportunities. More information available here.