Organizations face constant exposure to risk on a growing number of fronts – competitive, technical, operational, financial and reputational. Cybersecurity risks pose a particular challenge in an environment characterized by more reliance on data and connectivity.

Our programs bring together experts and leading researchers across business, computing and engineering to help leaders throughout the organization transform risk into competitive advantage. Learning to identify, prioritize and mitigate risk across the organization leads to the optimal risk and innovation balance for business success.

Topics Include

  • Information Technology Risk and Cybersecurity
  • Organizational, Operational and Supply Chain Risk Management
  • Financial Risk Management

Faculty Spotlights

Dr. Bill Chu
Leading cybersecurity expert and U.S. patent holder with over 27 years of experience working with the National Science Foundation, National Security Agency, IBM and Ingersoll Rand. Co-founder of e-business technology consortium with IBM, Boeing, TRW with $60 million raised for research and development.

Associate director of NSF Industry University Collaborative Research Center on Configuration Analytics and Automation. Areas of Expertise: Cyber Intelligence, Information Security, Systems Integration, Application Security, Information Security Architecture



Dr. Faith Neale
Risk management expert and consultant for the Florida Governor’s Select Task Force on Healthcare Professional Liability Insurance, the North Carolina Chamber of Commerce and the state of North Carolina with the Office of State Human Resources.

Research expertise published in The Journal of Risk and Insurance, The Risk Management and Insurance Review, The Journal of Insurance Regulation, The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis and Policy, and the Journal of Economics and Business. Research cited in testimony before the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Areas of Expertise: Risk Management, Insurance Regulation, Medical Malpractice



Dr. Judson Russell
International risk management and hedging strategy training expert.Significant corporate experience working with Bank of America’s investment banking arm.

Developed and delivered internal and external training courses for corporate clients and institutional investors on hedging strategies with a special focus on Latin America. Areas of Expertise: Risk Management, Corporate Finance, Investments, and Derivatives