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Do your leaders understand their complex roles in promoting an ethical organizational culture?  Are your employees morally engaged with your organization’s core values and mission?  Is your organization effectively managing the risk of misconduct in the current atmosphere of heightened governmental scrutiny and executive accountability?  Is your board overseeing ethics and compliance programs consistent with the expectations of federal authorities?

Organizational misconduct jeopardizes relationships with customers, employees, business partners, investors, and regulators, while tarnishing individual and organizational reputations.  It takes just one employee engaged in misconduct to cause serious financial and reputational losses for your organization.  Cultivating an ethical culture is an essential function of leaders, from the board of directors to general managers.  The U.S. Department of Justice recently announced a major new initiative specifically designed to hold individuals accountable for corporate misconduct, considerably raising the stakes for company leaders. Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines, firms that fail to maintain an ethical culture are subject to substantially higher penalties.


  • Complete effective ethics training consistent with the requirements of the Federal Sentencing Guidelines
  • Learn best practices in the management of an effective ethics program
  • Understand ethical leadership and its role in the maintenance of ethical organizational cultures
  • Evaluate your organization’s current ethical culture and produce an actionable plan for improvement

Who Should Attend:

Middle-and senior level management, and board of directors from across industries.  This program is especially intended for leaders who have new or increased responsibilities for maintaining an ethical organizational culture and for anyone unfamiliar with the Federal Sentencing Guidelines expectations.
It is recommended that each participating organization be represented by three or more individuals in order to maximize learning and produce actionable takeaways.

Dr. Denis G. Arnold

Surtman Distinguished Professor of Business Ethics
Professor of Management
UNC Charlotte, Belk College of Business

Dr. Arnold is an internationally-renowned organizational ethics and business conduct expert with over 50 publications and over 70 public presentations.  He has consulted with and trained executives, managers and lawyers at a variety of large companies regarding best practices in the management of organizational ethics.
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