ACC Charlotte Advanced Management Program for Legal Executives

“ACC Charlotte’s partnership with UNC Charlotte provides excellent opportunities for ACC Charlotte members to sharpen their business and leadership skills.  We are excited to offer this opportunity to our members!” – Taryn Mecia, ACC Charlotte Chapter President-Elect   Read More

Presented by the Association of Corporate Counsel, Charlotte Chapter

The Association of Corporate Counsel Charlotte Chapter, in partnership with UNC Charlotte Executive Education, presents the Advanced Management Program for Legal Executives, exclusively for its members. Cohort 1 completed AMP on 3/29/18 and Cohort 2 completed on 3/28/19.

The Advanced Management Program, or AMP, is designed to give in-house counsel background and resources on key management topics, enhancing business acumen and providing an edge in a competitive business environment. The program, based on MBA topics and taught by Belk College of Business faculty, is delivered over 9 half-day immersions at UNC Charlotte Center City in Uptown Charlotte. 

ACC Charlotte has provided a FAQ to answer many questions, or contact for details. Please visit ACC Charlotte's website for information on membership and to receive their latest news.

This program is only available to members of ACC Charlotte. Registration for Cohort 3 opens Thursday, August 22, 2019. Members will receive a code from ACC Charlotte prior to registration opening - the code must be entered to register. Register here. 

In this program, participants will:

  • Increase expertise in reading financial statements
  • Understand the financial tools that create value for an organization
  • Learn how to effectively and ethically manage work relationships
  • Develop methods for more strategic decision-making/problem-solving
  • Improve understanding and impact of marketing decisions and goals

Program Schedule: Cohort 3 

All courses are taught on Thursdays, *8:30AM-12:30PM. Breakfast and networking are available each morning at 8:00AM, and an optional lunch is provided at 12:30PM. Additional guest speakers or activities may be added during the course of the program that might alter the start or end times.

Finance and Accounting

  • 09/26/19 – Intro to Financial Reporting Statements & Program Kick-Off (*the first session begins at 7:45am to accommodate introductions)
  • 10/03/19 – Financial Statement Analysis
  • 10/31/19 – Principles of Corporate Finance
  • 11/07/19 – Creating Value Through Investment


  • 01/16/20 – Authentic Leadership
  • 01/23/20 – Executive Presence

Ethics and Strategic Marketing

  • 02/27/20 – Ethical Leadership
  • 03/19/20 – Marketing & Branding
  • 03/26/20 – Strategy Formulation & Program Wrap-Up (*if your schedule allows, please plan on staying for lunch until 1:00pm)

Register Here.
Logistics info will be mailed to registrants closer to the program's start date. Please visit the FAQ, or contact, for more information.

Program Faculty

  • Denis Arnold, Professor of Management and Surtman Distinguished Professor of Business Ethics
  • Jaime Bochantin, Associate Professor of Communication Studies and Organizational Science
  • Jack Cathey, Director of the MACC Program and Associate Professor of Accounting
  • Sunil Erevelles, Chair, Department of Marketing and Associate Professor of Marketing
  • Gary Kohut, Program Director of the Dual MBA Program, EGADE Business School Tecnológico de Monterrey, and Professor of Management
  • Judson Russell, Clinical Professor of Finance
  • Ash Sharma, Assistant Professor of Marketing

Course Descriptions

Finance and Accounting
  • Intro to Financial Reporting Statements & Program Kick-Off
    • Become familiar with the basics of financial statements and current practices in evaluating business performance: this session will explain who makes the rules, including the scope and function of regulatory agencies and professional accounting standards. You will learn the three primary financial statements, the primary elements of financial statements, and what the core principles and assumptions are that underlie the financial reporting process.
  • Financial Statement Analysis
    • Learn to read the story: financial statements tell a story about a company's financial condition. Participants will learn the basic process of financial statement analysis through discussion and exercises, including how to analyze and calculate profitability, turnover, and liquidity, and how to leverage financial structure ratios.
  • Principles of Corporate Finance
    • Understand how management, shareholders, banks, and analysts measure financial performance and why it is essential to improving an organization’s overall performance:  this session will provide participants with an overview of corporate finance while exploring value creation and corporate governance. You will also learn about and practice measuring risk and return.
  • Creating Value through Investment
    • Advance your knowledge in using financial information for decision making through ratio measures and cost analysis: using case studies, you will measure investment returns for an international company and discuss how to value a business from an acquisition perspective.
  • Authentic Leadership and Personal Branding
    • Learn proven techniques for improving business results through increasing collaboration, motivation and efficiency with clients, colleagues and customers: assess your personal leadership and conflict management strengths and style, understand how your individual leadership style can be leveraged to improve communication outcomes, and develop a personal brand that is unique to your own strengths.
  • Executive Presence
    • Go beyond traditional leadership skills and become a more influential and successful executive: executive presence is the ability to project gravitas – confidence, poise under pressure, and decisiveness – a characteristic strongly associated with successful leaders. You will craft compelling messages that inspire action and produce results, learn how to get results in the face of resistance, and learn how to project an authentic and confident style, excite people’s imaginations, and win hearts and minds.
Ethics and StrategY
  • Marketing and Branding
    • ​​​This session provides a comprehensive overview of three of the most critical components of marketing strategy: segmentation, targeting, and positioning. Participants will be exposed to methods by which a marketing segmentation is created, determinants of what makes a segmentation successful, and a framework for selecting target segments that will be most profitable given its set of resources.  The session will then focus on the principles of brand positioning and demonstrate how to strategically craft a powerful, resonant, and unique brand positioning to differentiate offerings within a competitive marketplace. 
  • Ethical Leadership
    • Gain insight into the managerial practices and leadership qualities that improve organizational ethics and compliance based on current social science research: major companies such as Walmart, Wells Fargo, The Children’s Place, Merck, and Fox News have faced major ethics scandals in recent years despite clear ethics and compliance policies and the employment of hundreds of lawyers.  Such lapses are attributable to failures of leadership, breakdowns in governance, and flawed performance management.  Exercises and case study discussions will provide perspective on what ethical leadership means and what it can accomplish.
  • Strategy Formulation & Program Wrap-Up
    • This session will provide a comprehensive overview of the strategy discipline and expose participants to fundamental conceptual frameworks which are the building blocks of strategy. Participants will learn how firms decide where to compete by exploring the business landscape and the structural forces that shape competition.

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