Demystifying Charismatic Leadership

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"What do leaders like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk have in common? Is it a natural gift? Is it training? Many claim that it is their charisma...Long believed to be a natural gift, charisma can be learned and expressed through specific leadership behaviors." – Dr. George Banks

Demystifying Charismatic Leadership: A Research-Backed Strategy to Improve Emotional Signaling and Build More Effective Relationships

With Dr. George Banks and Dr. Janaki Gooty

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UNC Charlotte Center City | 8:00AM-8:30AM: Breakfast and Networking | 8:30AM-12:00PM: Program
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This session draws upon cutting edge, scientific evidence to deliver a set of trainable highly relevant behaviors and skills that comprise leader charisma. You will learn how to be more effective in delivering a vision, promote hope and optimism in your teams, and build effective relationships via emotion management.

This half-day program is designed for executives, managers/supervisors, and professionals from any industry who want to improve their leadership skills and gain insight and resources to help them manage emotions. Participants will leave this workshop with a clear plan to increase collaborative efforts and be more productive overall.

After attending this program, you will:

  • Learn how to tap into the emotional climate of your audience to deliver an effective vision.
  • Learn a three-step technique for crafting and delivering powerful messages (e.g., use of rhetorical questions, three part lists)
  • Be able to direct more of your energy toward work, reaching goals, and driving value at your organization.

All course materials, breakfast, and refreshments are included with your registration. An email with additional program-related details will be sent to all participants prior to the program.

About the Facilitators: Dr. George Banks and Dr. Janaki Gooty

Drs. Banks and Gooty are associate professors in the Department of Management in the Belk College of Business at UNC Charlotte.  They are preeminent leadership scholars in topics ranging from developing relationships and managing emotions to authentic, ethical, and charismatic leadership styles. They both have emerging research in the area of leadership and diversity, including the study of gender and leadership, cross-cultural leadership, leading refugees as well as leadership in a virtual setting. Both serve as editors at elite leadership journals.

Dr. Banks’ work cuts across all domains of leadership. He has published on authentic, ethical, and charismatic leadership as well as relationship research among leaders and followers and team members. He is currently conducting research on gender and leadership. His work has been featured by popular media outlets like the Wall Street Journal and National Public Radio (NPR). Previously, Banks worked as a consultant for HRinterax, Inc. (Shelton, CT) and Human Technology, Inc. (McLean, VA).

He has also worked with diverse clients, such as the Missile Defense Agency, the Forest Service, the Transportation Security Administration, the Patent and Trade Office, and the Foreign Agriculture Service. Banks has also served as an independent consultant and collaborator with organizations such as Food Lion, LLC (Salisbury, NC), Work Skills First (Richmond, VA) and The Center for Open Science (Charlottesville, VA). He received his PhD from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Dr. Gooty’s work is in the area of relationships and managing emotions in the leadership space. Her work shows that building and maintaining relationships is at the core of all leadership functions. Further, she posits and finds empirical support for the position that leaders are active managers of not only their own emotions but also employee and team’s emotions in the workplace which could be leveraged for competitive advantage.

Dr. Gooty’s research in relationships and emotions suggests that old, mechanistic ways of conceptualizing leadership as task oriented might be outdated. Indeed, her current and future work is focused on understanding and leveraging how women and traditionally underrepresented groups in leadership positions have a natural edge in the key skills of building relational capital and emotional agility for organizations. Dr. Gooty serves in leadership roles in academia and has worked with a variety of industries with a majority of her consulting work in law enforcement agencies.


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