Ex Ed Exchange


Learn - share - connect


The Charlotte Executive Development Exchange
Ex Ed Exchange is an invitation-only, bi-annual, peer-to-peer professional meeting for local executive development senior leaders, hosted and expertly facilitated by UNC Charlotte Executive Education
Participants will
  • Learn: actionable ideas through thought leader presentations
  • Share: compelling conversations on executive development trends and issues
  • Connect: through valuable networking  with other local, senior-level, executive development professionals
By Invitation Only
The inaugural Ex Ed Exchange met Thursday, April 19, 2018 at UNC Charlotte Center City Building, 320 E. 9th Street, Charlotte, NC 28202. Look for details on our next event in October 2018
The 4/19/18 event featured:

The New Science of Decision Making

with Dr. Jennifer Ames Stuart

The ability to think critically, exercise good judgment and make decisions in the face of uncertainty is a leadership imperative. Throughout a typical workday, a leader will make a myriad of judgments and decisions from the routinized and transactional to the complex and multifaceted. The ability to quickly analyze and interpret the copious, often conflicting, and varied sources of information is a skill that differentiates highly successful leaders. During this talk and discussion,  Dr. Ames Stuart will help participants explore fundamental decision making approaches and the most common types of cognitive biases that pervade and often constrain these decisions. 

Contact: Executive Education at executive.education@uncc.edu for more information.